Transportation and Package

Because some of the chemicals are flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive and other dangerous characteristics, the products will inevitably be subjected to collision, drop, impact and vibration during packaging, transportation and storage. If not handled properly, it is extremely easy. In the event of an accident, it will affect production, causing economic losses, and in the event of casualties or serious environmental pollution. AS.C uses professional utility model packaging, which can protect the product well, reduce damage during transportation, and make the product safely reach the user.

Professional reagent product packaging

Due to the special nature of the chemical reagent products, Energy Chemical uses the US imported brown Boston clean glass bottles, the packaging has the following characteristics:
① The package is pre-cleaned to avoid secondary contamination of the product.
② The surface of the bottle is smooth, avoiding the sticking of the product and making it more convenient.
③ Aluminum foil moisture-proof membrane sealing to keep the product stable.
④ Multi-layer threaded port with black tapered bakelite cover, tighter packaging and stable product.
⑤ The machine seal ensures that the package is sealed and the external environment is more stable.

Professional packaging for water and oxygen sensitive products

The package is filled with inert gas, and the outside of the package is sealed with vacuum aluminum foil to isolate water and air. Energy chemical water-oxygen sensitive products are packaged in a stable internal environment and suitable for long-term storage.

Repeated extraction of diaphragm packaging

AS.C has developed a diaphragm bottle package for repeated extraction products, which makes the packaging safer and can keep the product stable after repeated extractions. (Patent No.: 201220297134, 0)
① Pre-clean ultra-borosilicate glass bottles to avoid secondary pollution.
② Multi-layer thread with machine sealing, tight insulation to keep the product stable.
③ PTFE rubber silicone diaphragm pad, can save multiple puncture extraction. The gasket is corrosion resistant and resistant to deformation.
④ The package is filled with inert gas for long-term storage.


Logistics Packaging

① Five-layer thick cardboard box for a more sturdy packaging.
② Professional foam filler to prevent product shake.
③ After the bubble film is multi-layered to ensure product safety.
④ The logistics package is safe and reliable, and it naturally falls from 2 meters, and the internal products are not damaged.
⑤ The overall packaging is considered, and can bear more than 170 kg of heavy objects.