Name Scope of application
Distillation Often used to separate liquid mixtures or remove high boiling solvents in the reaction.
Extraction Separation or purification of substances that are difficult to rectify, solvent immiscible, and which have large differences in the two solvents and do not react with the solvent.
Crystallization Used for the separation of impurities in large quantities of products and requires significant solubility in a solvent.
Microwave synthesis Mainly used for polar organic molecular reactions.
Adsorption Used to separate and purify products with different adsorption power of active substances or impurities on the adsorbent.
Membrane separation Range of applications: applicable in food, medicine, biology, water treatment, etc.
Column chromatography Separation and purification methods commonly used by organic synthesis personnel, but not suitable for separation from a large number of substances.
Chromatography It is mainly used to separate products or chiral compounds that are difficult to separate by conventional methods, mainly including GC, HPLC, HPCE, SFC, etc.
Filter For separating solids and liquids.
Centrifugal separation Used to separate solids and liquids (especially large quantities are generally slow to filter and easily block the funnel).