Quality Assurance

Rumor about the quality of chemical reagents

Myth 1: High-quality reagents are synthesized by foreign brands.

At present, no reagent company has the ability to synthesize more than 10,000 reagents. Energy chemical= {External procurement (40%) + custom synthesis (30%)} x strict control (200%), all strict before entering the warehouse GC, HPLC, NMR detection to ensure stable quality.

Myth 2: Foreign high-quality brands must be good

There are hundreds of thousands of chemical brands in the world. It is not good for foreign countries. The quality is not the brand and the origin, but the quality management system and rigorous work attitude.

Myth 3: This product is too high-end, domestic factories can't produce.

The number of graduates in the chemical industry in China exceeds the total population of some small European countries. At present, 80% of the products in the market can be localized, and the remaining 20% have no commercial products. The only limiting factors are market, environmental protection and cost, not synthetic technology.

AS.C and imported cooperative brands have established strict quality management systems. Our production and agency products strictly follow the requirements of quality management regulations. To ensure product uniformity, effectiveness and stability.