Order process

The online catalog of AS.C website,http://www.as-chemical.com/", can query more than 16,000 reagent products of AS.C brand and more than 200,000 reagent products of other cooperative brands. Product physical and chemical properties, packaging, price, spot information are readily available.

Inquiry by telephone
Please contact our customer service staff, we will help you find the product information you need. Customer Service Hotline: 400-005-6266.

Structured search

Online catalog of the AS.C website,http://www.as-chemical.com/", supports chemical structure accuracy, ambiguity, substructure and desirable structure retrieval. The structural search of the AS.C website is based on molecular fingerprinting features and can be run on a million-level structured database structured search engine. More chemist-required, can find the structure that SMILES-based structured search can not, is a structured search engine tailored for chemists.