(AS.C)Ascender Chemical Co.,Ltd is a member of Sun Chemical Technology(Shanghai) Co.,LTD.was established in 2009. When importing chemical reagents monopolized the entire domestic chemical research and production, Sun Chemical created the "Energy”brand and embraced the dream of creating a high-end brand of Chinese chemical reagents. , began a difficult journey of entrepreneurship.

Today, Sun Chemical is the first professional reagent supplier in China to adopt imported reagent quality control standards and build temperature-controlled, moisture-controlled and dust-free warehouses. Focus on the chemical field, adhere to quality and service first, continuous innovation, open cooperation, provide comprehensive service solutions in the field of chemical related research and production, not only meet the cost requirements of domestic research and production of domestic reagents, but also meet its needs. Advanced reagent quality requirements for research and development and production. At present, Sun Chemical has nearly 200 employees and operations in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, providing nearly 200,000 reagent products to 60,000 customers.

Create value for customers. Together with various suppliers, Sun Chemical has built a comprehensive reagent supply network to help nearly 100,000 users in over 5,000 units in China conduct research and production. Achieve low-cost, high-performance agile innovation and production in areas such as drug discovery, scientific research, and materials manufacturing.

Promote the sound development of the industry. Sun Chemical uses its own domestic brands to break the monopoly of the industry and participate in fair competition in the industry with quality and price. Sun Chemical advocates openness, cooperation and mutual benefit. In 2014, it joined the Chemical Reagent Innovation Alliance and continuously applied for various types of packaging and product patents. Industry partners work together to promote sustained and healthy development of the industry.

The insistence of Sun Chemical. Sun Chemical insists on taking shortcuts in the field of chemical reagent supply, rejects opportunism, and is committed to long-term investment. Adhere to product-centered, struggle-based, and make unremitting efforts to create a high-end brand of Chinese chemical reagents. Sun Chemical will not live up to the historic opportunity that the domestically produced reagents generously endowed by the times will flourish, and will serve the better in chemical research and production.