With professional technical experience and reaction equipment and devices ,we can accept unpublished production orders for compounds, scale-up production of existing products, and production commissions using similar reactions and new and integrated routes. Please send the email to info@energy-chemical.com and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Service and patent
Ascender Chemical Co.,Ltd.(AS.C) values integrity throughout the development and production process. Intellectual property is the most valuable asset of a company and its customers. We have confidentiality agreements with our customers and employees before the start of the order, and provide documents search, synthetic route design, synthesis, analysis and other services in strict accordance with the terms of the confidentiality agreement, to provide customers with the target compound in the shortest time. In addition, we have established a rigorous document management system to protect our customers' information, including the daily signature of the lab log book and regular documentation.
Excellent delivery, timely product analysis certificate; complete batch record and sample archive.

Quality assurance and control
Ascender Chemical Co.,Ltd.(AS.C)has established a complete product quality assurance system, taking quality as the foundation of the company's development, adhering to the "quality first principle", relying on advanced analytical instruments and rich analytical experience to ensure that the quality of each batch of products reaches the customer's demand.
In the course of the production, the project leader is mainly responsible for the whole process of monitoring and operation of the technical steps; before the start of the experiment, the technical director personally guides all the laboratory workers, especially the project leader, to ensure that the relevant personnel can be familiar with the flow of the experiment and avoid An error occurred. The final product is sent to the quality inspection room in the R&D center for quality inspection, and provides detailed quality inspection reports for customers.

Range of customized service :
. Functional materials and intermediates
. Various intermediates
. Cosmetic raw materials and additives
. Health care ingredients
. Special reagent
. Product amplification

Conventional reaction type:
Halogenation reaction Fluorination reaction Catalytic hydrogenation reaction High temperature and high pressure reaction Sublimation refining
Cyanidation reaction Diazotization reaction Format reaction Hofmann Hofmann reaction Isomerization reaction
Hydroxylation reaction Methylation reaction Nitration reaction Phosgenation reaction Low temperature reaction (-80 ° C)
Rearrangement reaction Cyclization reaction Nitrosation reaction Acylation reaction Resolution (optical isomer)
Main synthetic equipment list:
Glass-lined reactor Stainless steel reactor Borosilicate glass Condenser ultra-low temperature reactor (-80 °C) Stainless steel high pressure reactor
Glass-lined high-pressure Pyrolysis reactor Centrifuge Filter press Batch filter
Drying filter distillation Stainless steel rectification tower Borosilicate glass rectification tower Distillation equipment Centrifugal molecular distillation equipment
List of main Analysis equipment: