Name Scope of application
NMR It is mainly used for structural identification of organic compounds. In recent years, the development of multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic and NMR imaging techniques has enabled nuclear magnetics to be successfully applied in the fields of biology and medicine.
HPLC It is used for the qualitative and quantitative detection of high boiling point, heat labile chemicals, especially drug molecules, especially for the detection of substances containing UV absorption and chiral compounds.
GC It is used for qualitative and quantitative detection of various organic or inorganic samples, especially chiral compounds, with low boiling point and good thermal stability.
MS Mass spectrometry is one of the most powerful tools for the identification of pure substances, including relative molecular weight determination, chemical formula determination and structural identification. High resolution mass spectrometers can provide compound composition.
LCMS It is an analytical method in which liquid phase and mass spectrometer are used in series to assist NMR technology to analyze and identify the structure of a compound. It is also widely used in the fields of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic research, and has a wide range of analysis.
GCMS It is a gas phase and mass spectrometer used in tandem to assist NMR techniques in the analysis and identification of compound structures. It is mainly used in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies.
Elemental analysis It is to identify the elements present in organic and inorganic substances and determine their contents.
IR It is widely used for qualitative identification and structural analysis of organic compounds, especially for the study of unsaturated organic compounds, especially organic compounds with conjugated systems.