Analysis technology

We are equipped with advanced testing equipment and always insists on strict quality control.

Main equipment:

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Gas Chromatograph (GC)

Mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

Nuclear magnetic analysis (NMR)

Among the domestic raw materials we encountered, unqualified raw materials accounted for 25% of the total, and these were disposed of before the storage, so as to ensure that the reagents of the AS.C brand are strictly controlled from the source. Since 2009, AS.C has accumulated 16,000+ products, and each product has an average cumulative inspection of more than 120 times. The subtle differences between the products can be recognized by technicians. The picture below shows two bottles of 2,4-dichloropyrimidine in the same batch we purchased from a domestic brand, but after careful inspection, one of the bottles was not 2,4-dichloropyrimidine, but the map was very similar. 4,6-dichloropyrimidine.


AS.C Commitment:All the testing methods we have accumulated so far are open to customers. Welcome to discuss them together.