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Ascender Chemical pay much attention to the quality of the product, every batch of products only can be put in storage after they through strict quality test.
For the products have quality problem Ascender Chemical will be the first to solve for customers.About details please see the following treatment or call customer service of Ascender Chemical.

Quality complaints process
1 Response the complaints reasons and order information to the customer service of Ascender Chemical.
2 The customer service of Ascender Chemical receive the complaints by email.
3 Customer need provide the comprehensive evidence by the requirement of the complaints received letter.
4 Ascender Chemical internal deal with quality complaints investigation and survey results.
5 Ascender Chemical provides quality complaint handling results.To deal with the quality complaint as soon as possible,please note the following questions handling ways.

Package in damaged condition

If you receive the product and find the packaging has been damaged,please photograph at once.Then Ascender Chemical would deal with it according to the photos.

Quality problem

Every batch of the products of Ascender Chemical through the strict quality inspection.If you suspect the quality and the purity ,please contact with Ascender Chemical first.If you suspect the products not right,please confirm the products by NMR.If you suspect the purity not enough,please confirm it by HPLC or GC.It will help you to confirm whether the purity is consistent with the COA.If it is really our quality problem,Ascender Chemical exchange and return and give the customer satisfactory answer.

Some of the products complaints need provide evidence according to the testing method of the products requirements.

Due to the particularity of Chemical products, Ascender Chemical will not accept the following complaints:

1 Import products which more than complaints periods.
2 Indicators of complaints not belong to the COA.