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Product sales contact
The copy of contact

Order preparation:When signed the order, the buyer shall review the product in advance of technical indicators, confirm and correct.If you have any confusions please contact with us immediately.Once order is shipped, that is, as the buyer approved relevant technical indexes of the product.Product packaging form will be subject to the factory standard, special requirements need special point in the contract.


Quality assurance:The buyer found product have quality problem (the product arrival within 15 days) ,shall provide a written quality problem report and fax or E-mail to the seller in time.If confirmed as quality problem, the seller will be responsible to the quality of the product.If the buyer fails to raise any objection more than complaints periods, then seller think the shipment is in conformity with the requirements, the seller shall not be held responsible..In order to ensure the product quality, we will use the dry ice for the product which need special requirement of cold transport, the buyer shall bear the relevant shipping costs.The seller not be responsible for the products in use do not meet specified effect.


Order change:After buyer comfirm the order,if the products have these case that out of stock, price fluctuations, export restrictions, manufacturer production no longer, or government behavior.The seller need promptly notify the buyer for final confirmation or make the appropriate changes.Change order as part of this order.


Order cancellation:After the contract comes into force, the buyer cannot cancel the contract unilaterally, or as a default, breach of contract for the total amount of the contract.


Return the products for their quality problem,please contact with our customer service representatives.In general, without permission shall not accept return.In principle, there are some goods cannot be returned to the seller,such as :custom or special order of material, leakage or damage to the chemicals, expired reagents, missing labels, refrigerate or freeze products, have been used.Return products which without quality problem need charge additional charges.We charge 15% fee as storage fee,but no less than USD 17.


Liability for breach of contract:According to the contract law of the People's Republic of China,we perform as article 107 - chapter 7 provisions of article 122 the liability for breach of contract terms.


Contract dispute:If there is a dispute when both side perform the contact  then both sides talks things over solve.If consultation fails, both parties agree to the supplier is located in a people's court in accordance with the law.


This contract is in duplicate, supply and demand both sides each hold one copy.The contact is effiective that it signed back in three days.And facsimile is original and have the same legal effect.