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Ascender chemical is formal chemicals business unit, can provide customers with special form of foreign trade invoice  which used reimbursement.The invoice will be sent ahead of the products,and it will be shipped with products too.In addition, we also can through Taiwan dealers to provide formal product invoice in Taiwan.
If you need special VAT invoice,please provide the copy of "certificate of average taxpayer", "business license", "tax registration certificate",”Opens an account licence”.
The instruction of the invoice.
1.The formal invoice:The reagent products are sold by Ascender chemical all quality products.Every orders will provide the formal invoice.
2The invoice amount:The amount on the invoice in strict accordance with the orders issued in the actual amount that you paid,can’t be more or less.
3. The vouchers:When you use the vochers the amount of the vocher will not be showed in the invoice.If you whole order use the vochers then we don’t provide the invoice.
4.Separate the invoice :If you want to separate invoice,  please be sure to indicate in the order remark, so that we can operate .
5. The head of the invoice :The head of the invoice can’t be empty,Ascender chemical will indicate the company name as the head of the invoice.And if you have any question,please point before ordering.
6. Sending the invoice:The invoices are shipped together with the products.
7. The invoice content :The invoice content usually be defaulted by products details,if you have special requirement please require in advance.