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Both the products produced by us and agent for other brands are strictly follow the quality management regulation.
  • Laboratory synthetic
  • Quality documents management
  • The laboratory quality control analysis
  • Internal training
  • Product packaging testing
  • The quality of the product analysis
Laboratory synthetic: The products produced by laboratory standards.
Quality documents management: All products need to establish quality control documents, and unified management.
The laboratory quality control analysis: All of our products use the laboratory standards to control and analysis
Internal training: Every staff need through the specialized training and assessment.
Product packaging testing: The packaging of the product with special design and stability testing.
The quality of the product analysis: Products need regular review based on shelf life and analysis of quality changes.
Relevant quality certificate documents
Specification:This specification indicate the product quality management requirements. It contain the qualified product’s the minimum quality requirement.

COA:If you need COA,please provide the batch ID and product ID to us after order the products. Then we will provide the COA to you.