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Accurate chemical as lovely not published on 2, entrust production compounds have sex ding a streaming and apply similar reaction and new synthetic route to entrust the production.Professional experience technology and device should be numerous, can full foot all aspects of viral herpes lines and spots introduce production period.Please send your viral herpes synthetic requirements electronic bulletin boards to: Adam @ energy - chemical. Com, accurate chemical professional consultant company together with small 24 will get in touch.

Service and patent

Accurate Chemical in the whole process of research and development and production, pay attention to credibility.Intellectual property is the most valuable wealth of company and customer.Before the start of the experiment we signed a confidentiality agreement with the customer and the staff are, in strict accordance with the terms of the confidentiality agreements to provide literature retrieval, synthetic route design, synthesis, analysis, and other services, to provide customers in the shortest possible time target compound.In addition, we also set up a strict file management system to protect customer's information, including the lab's daily record books signature and file finishing work regularly.Good quality, delivery timely provide product analysis;The complete batch records and archive samples.

Quality assurance and control

Accurate chemical has established the perfect quality of product quality assurance, the body as a company adhering to the "development of fundamental, quality first" principle, with advanced analytical instruments, empirical analysis and the product quality of each batch of abundant wealth to ensure that guests to their requirements.In experiment into the project, mainly responsible for the exemption of negative about monitoring all steps technology and operation;Before the start of the experiment by technology is always empty since the supervisor pro, check member firm all negative project responsibility, route guidance technology works jailed one member can ensure that familiar with the test system, error in addition.This is the final product to send into the research quality of inspection chamber at the center of the sampling for the guest, provide detailed quality inspection report.

Wai fan service

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Conventional reaction type list
Halogenating reaction Fluorination reaction The catalytic hydrogenation reaction
High temperature and high pressure reaction Sublimation of refined reactions
Diazotization reaction Grignard reaction Hofmann reaction
Isomerization reaction Carbonylation reaction Methylation reaction
nitration Phosgenation reaction Reaction at low temperature (80 ℃)
Rearrangement reaction Cyclization reaction Nitrosation reaction
nitration Acylation reaction Fold the points (optical isomer)
Main synthetic equipment instrument list
Glass lining reactor Stainless steel reaction kettle Boron silicon glass condenser
Ultra-low temperature reaction device (80 ℃) Stainless steel high pressure reaction kettle Glass lining high-pressure reaction kettle
Pyrolysis reaction device The centrifuge Filter press
The intermittent filter Dry filter Stainless steel column
Boron silicon glass column Distillation equipment The centrifugal molecular distillation device
The main testing equipment list
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) GC  Mass spectrum(LC-MS) Analysis of nuclear magnetic(NMR)
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Rearrangement reaction