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Delivery time: the charges of packing
1, after the success of the order, our customer service staff will notify you by phone or mail goods estimated shipping time.
2, our delivery time is based on the calculated time after your payment in time, in order for you to hear from you as soon as possible of goods, please timely payment as soon as possible;
3, please be sure to enter your name in the order and detailed shipping address, so that you can receive your goods in a timely manner.
4, delivery customers need holidays, please indicate so as not to delay your receiving in order to leave a message.(only in order to leave a message on the delivery time, for the other requirement is difficult for us to accept).
5, for timely delivery, please leave accurate and detailed address in order and effective contact information.
6, because of our daily shipments is big, we will be completed within 3 working days after order goods outbound process;Logistics or express delivery need 2-7 working days (depending on your city) can be sent to you.So, usually 7 working days we will be your goods sent to your designated place.
1, express delivery;(partners have shentong express; yuantong express; YunDa express; express everyday; wind express; central China region only)
2, logistics distribution;(partners have JiaJi express; hoau logistics; gravels logistics, etc.)
Dear customer, thank you very much for your attention to our website and trust our products.Before we will mainly adopt two shipping method to send your favorite goods;We promise the goods arrive you to the nearest logistics shipping point, don't offer door-to-door delivery (some products provide national express delivery).If need to delivery the other charge door-to-door delivery fee.Delivery charge standard according to the weight of the goods, three high, and the distance from the shipping point.Logistics query you can directly in my company's web site at the bottom of the logistics query page can query the tracking information of the goods.